Tuesday, February 26, 2013

CANDAC scientists arrived in Eureka, Nunavut on Sunday!

CANDAC scientists Debora, Zen, Joseph, Emily, Volodya, Dan, and Xiaoyi arrived at Eureka, Nunavut on Sunday, February 24 to begin measurements for the 2013 Canadian Arctic ACE Validation Campaign. You can learn more about their campaign by following their blog (http://createarcticscience.wordpress.com/) and checking out their website (http://acebox.uwaterloo.ca/eureka/). Their daily photo journal is always filled with magnificent photos showing Arctic wildlife, the surrounding environment, and their instruments/laboratory. Below are a few photos from the 2012 Campaign.

Left to right: Dan Weaver, Debora Griffin, Joseph Mendonca, Xiaoyi Zhao, Volodya Savastiouk, and Emily McCullough on route to Eureka, Nunavut on February 20, 2012. 
Photo credit: Debora Griffin.

The Polar Environment Arctic Research Laboratory (PEARL) in Eureka, Nunavut is located 80 degrees north of the equator and 86 degrees west of the Prime Meridian. It is 610 meters above sea level. 
Photo credit: Dan Weaver.

The Zero Altitude PEARL Auxiliary Laboratory (0PAL) is about 15 kilometers from PEARL and is located approximately at sea level to allow it to measure the lower part of the atmosphere. 
Photo credit: Emily McCullough.

Dan Weaver is re-positioning the Bruker's sun tracker located on the roof of PEARL. 
Photo credit: Volodya Savastiouk.

Emily McCullough is working on the CLR lidar, located inside 0PAL. 
Photo credit: Emily McCullough.

A scientist out for an Arctic stroll. Parhelion (commonly known as sundogs) can be seen in the sky around the sun. 
Photo credit: Emily McCullough.

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