Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It's a wrap at Pickering College!

Today Felicia Kolonjari and I returned to Pickering College to wrap-up the Student-Researchers Atmospheric Collaboration for another year. It was a busy day at Pickering College because the senior kindergarten students had their graduation in the afternoon, and the grade 1 students had their enormous homemade community on display in the old gym.

It was great to see all of the thorough and consistent data collected over the past eight weeks. The kindergartens plotted their temperature data and made a temperature pictograph, while the grade 2s and grade 3s plotted both temperature and wind speed measurements. It was evident that all students really enjoyed the project and look forward to making similar measurements in the future.

Grade 2s and 3s share their guesses of what they think the Nunavut postcard is showing. It is actually a person building an Igloo but is a bit tricky to recognize because the photo was taken from the inside looking out!
Photo credit: Alex Au Yong.

Grade 3 students reveal their temperature and wind speed pictographs they created together using their collected data. 
Photo credit: Alex Au Yong.

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