Monday, February 6, 2017

Program launch at da Vinci Public School!

On Thursday, February 3, 2017 the CANDAC Outreach Team travelled to visit Mrs. Cregg's kindegarten class and Mrs. Pignatell's grade 4 class at da Vinci Public School in Ajax, Ontario. The student researchers at da Vinci will be taking wind, temperature, and solar insolation measurements over the next eight weeks. Mrs. Cregg's class had already mapped out two of the locations where measurements will be taking place:
 Mrs. Cregg's class was also studying polar bears and other arctic animals:
  Taking wind measurements using an anemomemeter and a wind sock outside: it was a windy day!

 Taking temperature measurements outside with thermometers, it was -2 on Thursday:
 Good luck with your measurements da Vinci student researchers!

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