Friday, May 17, 2013

Final Measurements

Today was the final day of measurements for the Student-Researchers Atmospheric Collaboration. We will be visiting Ataguttaaluk School and Pickering College in the next couple of weeks to help students analyse, compare, and make conclusions about their research. Below are a couple of photos from yesterday's measurements in Toronto. Anthony will be joining our outreach team for our upcoming visit to Igloolik!

Anthony Pugliese uses the pyranometer to measure solar insolation on the roof of the Physics Building at the University of Toronto in Toronto, Ontario. 
Photo credit: Ashley Kilgour

One of two anemometers on the roof of the Physics Building.
Photo credit: Ashley Kilgour

A small weather station houses two pyranometers, a rain collector, temperature and humidity sensors, and a small solar panel. 
Photo credit: Ashley Kilgour

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