Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday!

Today was another wonderful day in Igloolik with Ataguttaaluk students! We had our final work period with Leah's grade 5s and Meeka's grade 4 students this morning, and continued working with Jeens's grade 2s, Darlene's grade 3s, Tami's grade 6s, Caleb's grade 7s, Pat's grade 1s and Vera's grade 6s.

Leah's students were working hard to finish up their group projects in time. One group was drawing different clouds they had observed during the project; another group created a detailed instruction guide for using the pyranometer; another group plotted the class' data by making a line graph; and one student wrote a unique story about a dragon and the sun!

Photo credit: Ashley Kilgour.

Meeka's grade 4 students worked together to complete two large pictographs (temperature and wind speed). Each student contributed at least 2 days of data to the large pictograph. They also had a bit of fun doing the limbo under the string! 

Photo credit: Ashley Kilgour.

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